Best Natural Essential Oils Range In The Market

Published: 05th December 2011
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Since ages, natural essential oils are used as perfumes and refreshments worldwide. These essential oils have several medicinal usages as well. Owing to their rich aroma, they are added in food and cosmetics. So these multipurpose organic essential oils find usage in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, beverage, spa & religious product manufacturing National and International industries.

Understanding the demand for natural essential oils, a number of companies have engaged in premium essential oils supply and export. They claim to offer organic substances - plant or tree parts based oils, attars and herbal extracts to their clients. These suppliers focus on deeper Research and Development, customized packaging and real time product delivery to offer pure and real organic essential oils to their clients around the world.

Assuring Quality Natural Essential Oils

Quality is the most uncompromising requirement when dealing with natural essential Oils. As such, effective sourcing mechanism is adopted to procure certified & quality standard essential oils from only certified vendors. In addition, the entire range is stringently tested for chemical & physical properties in the well equipped laboratory & using advanced instrumental techniques to maintain its overall quality.

Product range:

1. Natural Essential Oils
These Natural Essential Oils are plant extracts in concentrated volatile liquid form. As such, these essential oils are 100% natural procured from various plant parts like flowers, fruits, leaves, spices, roots, resins, etc. They are highly appreciated for their therapeutic, refreshing & rejuvenating properties.

2. Floral Absolutes Oils
These are concentrated volatile liquids of different plant extracts for therapeutic usages. These Floral Absolutes Oils give refreshing feeling after use. The Floral Absolutes Oils are also valued for their therapeutic properties.

3. Spice Oils
The spice oils are also concentrated volatile fluids that find wide usage in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medical & health food industries. These add taste to the beverages and foods we consume.

4. Spice Oleoresin
Spice Oleoresin are prepared using resin from the plants. These spice oleoresins are known for their germicidal, antiseptic & digestive properties. The spice oleoresins are used while preparing food.

5. Carrier Oils
Carrier oils are aromatic compounds extracted using cold pressed method. These volatile compound are used for aromatherapy & as vegetable oils. Carrier oils & aromatherapy oils are diluted with the help of essential oils.

6. Peppermint products
Peppermint products are primarily used for stomach discomforts. These are mostly steam distilled and utilized for preparing mouthwashes, toothpastes and breath fresheners. Besides, toners, creams & lotions are made using Peppermint Products. You get them as menthol, anethole, menthol and lots more.

7. Attars
There are different kinds of attars that are also concentrated volatile aromatic compounds known for arousing aroma, higher sensuality & higher sexuality. The most popular attars are the traditional Indian attars that are used as perfumes in different parts of the world. Made from the highest quality extracts, attars are amazing rejuvenating products.

8. Pure Floral Waters
Pure Floral Waters are aromatic compounds in concentrated & volatile form. These Pure Floral Waters have various medicinal usages. They retain their natural properties to the maxi for being steam distilled.

9. Natural Food Colors
Another well known concentrated volatile aromatic compound are natural food colors such as aprika oleoresins & anatto extract. These have several physical as well as chemical properties.

10. Certified Organic Essential Oils
Certified Organic Essential Oils are bergamot oil or basil oil etc used for relaxing human mind and body. These are available at reasonable prices.

11. CO2 Extracts Oils
Available as basil, bergamot, benzoin, and many more, CO2 Extracts Oils are highly refreshing & rejuvenating aromatic compounds. These are reasonable in price.

12. Wild Crafted Essential Oils
Wild Crafted Essential Oils are one of the best volatile aromatic compounds that have multiple medical usages. These are also known for their aroma and several other properties. You can get them in affordable price range.

13. Special Range Of Products
Special Range of Products have different chemical & physical properties and are used in therapeutic, cosmetic field. Get them all at industry leading prices from the market.

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