Silk Fabric: Mogul of textile industry

Published: 05th May 2011
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Silk is queen of all fabric. The luster and shimmer have outshined others. There are many sources to produce silk. But production of silk demands sets of procedure resulting into the fabrication of this outstanding fabric.

Silk fabric is one of the most familiar and popular fiber which form the foundation of textile industry. It is basically a natural protein fiber and some forms of it are woven into textiles. Lustrous threads of silk are used for the creation of its fabric which is attained after spinning and also by the silk caterpillars. These caterpillars reside on specific trees and acquire energies by feeding their leaves. The worms are cultivated which starts with the cultivation of their resident.

Mulberry silk worm is one of the worms and most well known amongst the users because mulberry silk fabric is synonymous with superiority and class. It is considered as one of the finest silk used widely in the cloth manufacturing. The silk moths shelter themselves into the cocoon. Before incubation of silk worm into moth, these cocoons are dipped in hot water resulting to the formation of filaments. Silk fibers are due to the spinning of the filaments which are then processed to silk fabric. This entire process is termed as sericulture.

Nature has housed variety of silkworms which are raised for their larva and cocoons, so that silk can be extracted using them. Bombyx mori is mulberry silkworm a well renowned silk source. Though there are varieties of source for producing silk, like insects but if to give priority to the quality then kitty of moth caterpillars are over-filled with it. Textile industry and silk fabrics exporters have high inclination on these sources of silk.

Not just complete metamorphosis result in the formation of silk but the formation can also take by the adult insects known as web spinners. Production of silk can be seen in Hymenoptera which include bees, wasps, and ants and also used in the nest construction. Another example of silk production is by various arachnids such as spiders.

In ancient times variety of wild silks were used but mulberry silk was woven and brought into usage in china, South Asia and Europe. Even then silk fabrics exporters had great demand. It has been proven from the geographical, cultural and other instances and historical evidences that silk fiber was first used in China. But fame and class have no border or limits and popularity of the silk fabric was spread beyond China. Soon it took shape of embroidered silk fabric and was exported to other countries. India was involved in the practice of sericulture which produced this luxurious fabric. The aura of silk is so strong which is making it rule the textile industry till now which is very much visible from the beautiful variety of embroidered silk fabric and also experimentation which is being carried on with this fabric.

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